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Terrorism - Charged With Terrorism Related Offences

Another terror suspect gets granted bail

Globe and Mail - December 31, 1969

Brampton— Canadian Press

One of 18 terror suspects charged in an alleged plot to bomb targets in southern Ontario was granted bail Friday, making him the fifth to be released from custody.
Justice of the peace Sally Fallon granted bail to Ibrahim Aboud, 19, after hearing a joint submission filed by the Crown and defence.
His family, who had an intrepreter to follow the proceedings, said through their lawyer Anser Farooq that they were looking forward to having Mr. Aboud back home.
The bearded and slightly-built Aboud walked out of court with his parents and would not comment before rushing off to a car.
Mr. Aboud was arrested on Aug. 3 at his home in Mississauga, Ont., and charged with participating in a terrorist group and training for terrorist purposes.
His arrest came about two months after the other 17 suspects were swept up in a series of arrests.
Mr. Aboud was released into the custody of four sureties, who paid a total of $145,000 in bail.
He must reside at his parents' home and can only leave unaccompanied if he's going to school, a hospital or his lawyer's office.
He is to attend Ryerson University in Toronto. test

He is scheduled to appear in court again Aug. 28.