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This page is designed with the intent to empower you with the knowledge required to decide what course of action is best for you. One cannot predict the breakdown of a marriage. However, one can prepare for the terrible aftermath. Early preparation, knowledge of rights, responsibilities and liabilities is critical to achieving success.

You will find numerous articles that provide an overview of Canadian Family Law system as well as helpful insights to dealing with lawyers. Additionally, there is a section that deals with frequently asked questions.

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I have appeared in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Appeal.

I have successfully represented clients in litigation involving custody, child support, inter-provincial and internatioanl child abduction, estate and family litigation in the millions of dollars.

Our clients have included people from: China, Dubai, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and United States of America.

Child Support and the Child Support Guidelines (PDF 289KB)
July 2005
This booklet explains the legal responsibility for child support when parents separate or divorce. Topics covered include who must pay support, how to arrange for support to be paid, how support is enforced, and income tax information. There is also information on how to calculate the amount of basic child support, and how the amount of support can be affected by special expenses, different custody arrangements, or other factors.

Custody and Access (PDF 213KB)
Nov 2005
This pamphlet is for parents who do not live together but share parenting rights and responsibilities. It describes different types of custody and different types of access and explains who can get custody and access, how decisions are made when parents agree and when they do not agree, and how custody and access arrangements can be changed .

Getting Divorced (PDF 165KB)
June 2005
This brochure provides information about legally ending a marriage. Topics covered include grounds for divorce, who can apply, how to get a divorce, decisions about support, property, and children, and where to get legal help.