Anser Law Professional Corporation - Criminal Law  

Mr. Farooq has been extensively interview on criminal cases over the years on national and international television. You can view some of the interviews on youtube. Mr. Farooq has also been extensively reference on the internet with respect to his cases.

He has successfully represented clients of charges of murder, attempt murder, manslaughter, frauds involving millions of dollars, robbery, theft, breach of trust, over 80, impaired, mischief, domestic assault, assault with weapon, possession of drugs, firearms offenses including discharge, storage and carrying concealed weapon.

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Talking to police: Why you need a lawyer (PDF 785KB)
April 2002
This pamphlet explains why it is important for young people to talk to a lawyer before they make a statement to the police. It describes what a ‘statement’ is and talks about the right to remain silent.

Police Powers: Stops and Searches (PDF 196KB)
May 2006
This booklet sets out the rights of a person who is stopped, questioned, searched, arrested, or detained by the police. It also explains when the police can enter or search someone’s home.

Hiring a lawyer (PDF 769KB)
April 2002
This pamphlet explains why it is important for a young person in trouble with the law to have a lawyer experienced in criminal law. It describes what to look for when choosing a lawyer and suggests ways to get legal help if a person cannot afford to pay a lawyer.

Working with your lawyer (PDF 689 KB)
April 2002
This pamphlet talks about what a lawyer is paid to do and explains that everything a person says to their lawyer is private. It also describes what a lawyer can do for a young person who faces criminal charges and how to work well with a lawyer.

Your record doesn't end when you turn 18 (PDF 921KB)
Feb 2005
This pamphlet explains how long a youth record can last and why it can last long after a person turns 18. It talks about the importance of making sure the RCMP take a youth record off their system once it is closed.

Getting a job with a youth record (PDF 1.000 KB)
Feb 2005
This pamphlet talks about the challenges of finding a job while a person has an open youth

Travelling with a youth record (PDF 782KB)
Feb 2005
This pamphlet explains how difficult it can be for a young person with a youth record to get into other countries, especially if it is an open youth record.

My child is in trouble with the law: What can I do to help? (PDF 369 KB)
Feb 2005
This booklet provides information for parents and guardians who want to help a child go through the justice system. It talks about youth records, working with a lawyer, going to court, and alternative programs that can help a young person stay out of court.