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Date: May 25, 2011

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 Anser Farooq

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A Canadian defence attorney, Anser Farooq gained notability defending five[1] suspects during the Toronto terrorism case "Toronto 18". He had initially refused to name which suspects he was defending,[2] but three were later revealed as Asad Ansari[3] Ibrahim Aboud and Qayyum Jamal.

IBRAHIM ABOUD: On August 25, 2006, Mr. Ibrahim Aboud became the second adult to be released from custody.[4]

On April 16, 2008, Mr. Aboud was completely vindicated of all the remaining charges.

QAYYUM JAMAL: On November 5, 2007, Mr. Qayyum Jamal became the third adult to be granted bail. He had been in custody for over 17 months. The bomb conspiracy charge against him was also dropped. Mr. Farooq stated that, "we were able to establish, during the preliminary inquiry, that there were a lot of problems with the Crown's case" and evidence elicited during the preliminary inquiry set the stage for Mr. Jamal's release. [5]

On April 16, 2008, Mr. Jamal was completely vindicated of all the remaining charges. [6]

AYAD MEJID: Another one of his high profile cases includes that of Ayad Mejid; who was arrested on October 23, 2007. The charges against Mr. Mejid were laid by the Toronto police on information provided by Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) agents. [7] [8]

On October 6, 2010; some three years from the date of the charges; Mr. Mejid was vindicated. “The CSIS conduct in seizing and searching Mr. Mejid’s computer in the circumstances of false misrepresentations is reprehensible,” Judge Kelly wrote. Justice Kelly also recognized the threats and intimidation levelled against Mr. Mejid by the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS) in the handing over of his computer. [9]

DR. KHURRUM SHER: Mr. Farooq is also counsel for Dr. Khurrum Sher; who is alleged to have participated in the alleged Ottawa terrorism case. Dr. Sher is the Canadian Idol contestant alleged to be involved in criminal wrongdoing.

On August 27, 21010, Mr. Farooq was interviewed extensively on the allegations faced by his client and the intended course of action. [10]

On October 13, 2010; Dr. Khurrum Sher was released on bail. [11] [12]

MOHAMED HERSI: Mr. Farooq is also counsel for Mohamed Hersi; who was arrested at Toronto Pearson Airport and is alleged to have designs of joining Al Shabab, the Al Qaeda-inspire movement in Somalia. Mr. Hersi’ arrest on March 31, 2011 raised concern for the Somali Community in Canada. [13]

After a two-day bail hearing Mohamed Hersi was released on bail April 29, 2011. [14] [15] [16] [17]

Based in Mississauga, Ontario.

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